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What credentials do I need to provide if I want to be your client?

A valid passport, or a color copy of other identification documents issued by an official agency (such as a driver's license, ID card, etc.) The identification must include the customer's name, expiration date, customer address, date of birth, or personal income tax number and customer 's signature

Why do you need to upload data for authentication?

As a legally regulated company, all of our operations are to perform regulatory requirements in accordance with the regulations of our main regulatory agency, FSC. We must collect customer authentication information, valid ID cards

If my first account has been authenticated, do I need to re-upload the authentication information when I open another account?

No, you only need to fill in the same personal information and contact information as the authenticated account, and the newly registered account will be automatically authenticated

Can I change my personal information

If you need to update your registered email address, please use your registered email address to send an email to:
If you wish to update your residence information, please use your registered email address to send an email to, and upload the address proof document ( valid for no more than 6 months) to authenticate the address entered in the member area

How do I create a live account

Create an account quickly and easily, click Create a real account to fill in the form, after completion, use the login information sent to your registered email to log in to our member area and click Deposit in the main menu to deposit if you already have a V5 real account , just log in to the member area to add a new account

How long does it take to open a live trading account

If you fill in all the information correctly, it will take no more than 5 minutes

How to start trading

If you have established a real account, received the account login information email, and uploaded documents to verify the account and deposit, you only need to choose to download the trading platform in the next step.

V5 Supported Features/Which are V5 Supported Features

- Can trade foreign exchange currency pairs, CFDs, stock indices, precious metals and energy commodities
- Minimum deposit of not less than $50
- Negative balance protection policy
- No repeat quotes, no rejection orders
- Spreads as low as zero -
Lowest basis point price-
One account can use multiple trading terminals
- real-time execution
- 100% fully automatic account deposits, 24/7 timely processing
- fast withdrawals without additional fees
- all transfer fees are paid by V5
- non-stop reward activities
- free and unlimited $100,000 demo account for all trading platforms

About deposit

The minimum amount is 50 US dollars, and the time of deposit and arrival is T+1.

About withdrawal

Minimum 10, withdrawal time 24-72H to account

World Time Monday to Friday (GMT 9:00—18:00)

Registered real account

Fast and easy access to real accounts.

Registered real account

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