Crude oil

Crude oil trading

Crude oil has long been regarded as an important commodity in the global market. Crude oil trading will develop rapidly with daily price changes. The world's top three producers are Saudi Arabia, Russia and the United States.
crude oil is defined as a naturally occurring flammable liquid. Crude oil usually exists in the geological structure below the earth's surface. Crude oil is regarded as a raw material that can be separated and refined, and can be made into a large number of consumer products, such as gasoline, asphalt, heating oil, diesel, etc. The demand for these products will affect the price of crude oil. As a result, the price of crude oil will fluctuate with global supply and demand.
crude oil measurement unit is in barrels. 1 standard hand crude oil trading is 1000 barrels. Crude oil prices are measured in dollars and cents a barrel. WTI, oil product advantage.

Characteristics of crude oil

  • Can trade crude oil, natural gas and other energy products.
  • High liquidity
  • Competitive point difference.
  • Leveraged products - suitable for long - term speculation.
  • Low margin requirement

Introduction of crude oil trading products.

Product codeTransaction time (tradingweb time)
USO/USDMonday to Friday: 01:00-24:00.
UKO/USDMonday to Friday: 03:00-24:00.

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