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tradingweb is an excellent real-time trading platform with concise, flexible, stable and detailed dynamic quotation analysis, and can set technical Pointers and use smart trading system. Its perfect and practical function allows various types of traders all trading strategy implementation, but also the most widely used traders trading platform, can be used for trading, futures, the terminal of crude oil and contracts for differences.


Why is our platform different?

The chart standard

31 chart analysis tools, 30 technical indicators. Set your own technical indicator parameters and time-limit patterns. The position indicator and technical parameters are shown in the diagram.

Super fast order execution.

tradingweb servers are cross-linked to our ECN to ensure ultra-low latency and fast execution of your transactions, a low-latency environment that is an ideal trading environment for automation and high-frequency traders.

Customized metrics and scripts.

Use the platform's programming language (MQL5) to create your own customized metrics, scripts, and function libraries, even the expert consultant trading program (EA).

Real ECN connections.

Real ECN liquidity level of connection that allows you to the bank institutions such as the world's leading investment Banks, hedge funds and liquidity pools execution place, customers can in no desk, price manipulation or re-quote the environment of fair trade.

Low point difference

We from up to 50 different types of banking institutions provide diversified pool of liquidity means that we always can provide our clients with high liquidity and keep our point of difference in lower part, quick period, especially in the market such as the important news release.

Reliable leverage and turnover.

The company of the default lever for 1:100, traders also can apply for to use higher leverage, to meet their trading style, and give full play to their own manual and automated trading strategies, the smallest unit of trading at 0.01.

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